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Zimbabwe: July Moyo orders councils to stop paying senior executives with land


Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, July Moyo, has written to local authorities across the country asking them to stop using the land to settle senior executive salary arrears.

In recent years, town and country councils have parceled out residential, commercial and industrial stands, especially to senior executives, in lieu of salaries.

In a circular sent to mayors and general managers, Moyo decreed an end to this practice.

“It has been observed that most local authorities, both urban and rural, include land in their conditions of service to employees. The conditions relating to the establishment and use of the estate account are clearly provided for in article 300 of the city code. Councils Act (29:15) and Section 128 of the Rural District Councils Act (29:13) on the Capital Development Fund,” Moyo wrote.

He ordered the immediate rescinding of all such resolutions, stressing that councils must generate revenue in order to be able to pay employees cash salaries.

“It is therefore essential to note that any resolutions or terms of service that freely assign booths to managers should be rescinded and excluded from the terms of service for employees,” he said.

“With this in mind, councils should strive to compensate their employees through recurring expense votes in council budgets,” Moyo said.

Most councils now used to distribute stalls to workers in payment of backdated wages, a development which has seen council workers own multiple stalls at the expense of future owners who spend years on the waiting list for a lodging.