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Zimbabwe: Anger as Zimstat fails to pay enumerators


Enumerators for the upcoming national census are increasingly restless after the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat) failed to pay their allowances on time, a development that could jeopardize the process.

According to some enumerators, promises of advance payments were made on registration day for the 2022 population and housing census exercise scheduled for April 21-30, but no payments have been made so far. .

“We are waiting for our advance payments before we start work but since we were trained nothing has been deposited into our accounts as promised,” an investigator said.

“We were told the money was deposited into our accounts early last week and we made daily inquiries about the balance. No explanation was given to us about the delays,” the enumerator said. .

Another enumerator from Mashonaland East province said they were asked to claim their money in US dollars, but would receive the money in local currency.

“We don’t know if we are being duped or not. Why should I claim the money in USD and then receive it in Zimdollar? Something is wrong,” the investigator said.

40,000 investigators and 7,000 supervisors have been trained to undertake the exercise.

ZimStat chief executive Taguma Mahonde attributed the delay in payments to “logistical issues”.

“Payment processes have begun. Those who are not registered with the Civil Service Commission’s Salary Services Bureau (SSB) will begin to receive their money tomorrow (Tuesday). Due to the Easter Holidays and Independence Day “, the process of transferring money from one bank account to another was not functional. Those on SSB will need a day or more to receive their money. We are seized of the matter”, a said Mahonde.

“Current government stipends have been set in US dollars but are paid at auction rate. For any public servant this should not be news as the government has issued circulars on the payment of these stipends. This is how it works the flyer,” Mahonde added.