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Will Bell County redirect after reviewing 2020 census data? | KWKT


BELL COUNTY, Texas – Bell County leaders learned on Tuesday that the redistribution is not necessary for the community due to 2020 census data.

Now the city leaders are left with the decisions of what to do now.

In May, Bell County reached an agreement with the Town of Killeen, Temple and the Temple Independent School District to collaborate on all redistribution efforts. Bickerstaff Heath Delgado Acosta, LLP, lawyer and entrepreneur Gunnar Seaquist, presented the analyzed data to the Commissioners Tribunal.

“As a legal matter for legal purposes, as a person, a voice – the county is sufficiently imbalanced. He does not need to re-cut to unbalance the neighborhood. He could not take any action and these districts will be out of balance, ”Seaquist said.

Seaquist explained to city leaders that the county is falling below the ten percent necessary gap based on 2020 census data. He shared maps with the census and the legal process to follow if the county chooses to redirect.

“The 2020 Census Global Population Summary for Data. What this tells us is that overall the county has a total maximum spread of 8.34%, ”Seaquist said.

City leaders also discussed the demographic pattern to ensure that voting records would not be violated if a redistribution decision is made. They also discussed ways to avoid racial discrimination.

“There is no crack or packaging under the current card,” Seaquist said.

Bell County Judge David Blackburn said they re-rolled the census date later than usual – giving them a short time to make a decision before the November deadline.

Blackburn says the commissioners tribunal will meet again on Oct. 18 after analyzing the current date to decide whether they will start redrawing the lines of the compound.


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