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We are not the same


National Housing Trust head office

The The People’s National Party (PNP) Youth Organization notes with approval the collective outrage on social and traditional media towards MP Juliet Holness over her shameful comments against Jamaican citizens during a Party meeting Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) this weekend.

It is clear that MP Holness does not appreciate the role she plays as a representative of the people and a legislator. Rather than encouraging the administration, of which she is a prominent member, to rectify the longstanding land settlement problems of Jamaica’s colonial past, she has sought to score political points by continuing the age-old discrimination against some Jamaicans in because of where they live. .

MP Holness should know that depressed living conditions have no political color and should not be addressed in a partisan way. Of course, in her remarks, she clearly exposed the government’s policy on land settlement and housing, which consists of treating the marginalized as political opponents unworthy of any consideration and blaming political opponents for their condition.

The PNPYO is grateful for one thing, however, MP Holness reiterated an important point that we want to affirm, the PNP and the JLP are not the same. The PNP is seized of the historic conditions that have led to our land and housing problems today. It is therefore indisputable that most of the progress and development of housing infrastructure in Jamaica was made under the administration of the PNP.

It was the administration headed by Michael Manley that established the National Housing Trust in 1976 and gave the agency a mandate to provide housing solutions to low-income and working-class people. Initiatives such as Operation PRIDE, which saw the development and transfer of 58,000 lots to citizens and the Land Administration and Management Program (LAMP), which saw the regularization of land and the provision of titles to citizens who occupied land for long periods of time, were implemented. by the PNP. It was also the PNP that established the Local Improvements (Community Amenities) Act 1977 and made major changes to the Registry of Deeds Act and much more. Fundamentally, the PNP views affordable, quality housing as a basic human right. We challenge MP Holness to match the JLP’s record on housing and land regularization with that of the PNP.

The PNP has much to be proud of with its housing record. The majority of communities built in this country have been built through the deliberate efforts of the party and nothing can change this proud history. In our next administration, the PNPYO is confident that a Prime Minister, Mark Golding, will build on our rich tradition and ensure that, rather than discriminate and ridicule those on the margins of society, we provide legislation, policies and resources to give them dignity in the country of their birth.

If MP Holness has any decency and respect for her office, she would apologize unreservedly, but we are not holding our breath.

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