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Vinod Rai and the “fictitious” loss of credibility of the CAG


To go further back in time, Rai as CAG claimed in 2011 that the Indian chessboard suffered an alleged loss of over Rs 30,000 crore and a theoretical or alleged loss of Rs lakh 1.76 crore in due to corruption in the allocation of 2G spectrum. This report, along with revelations from Niira Radia’s tapes pressured by telecoms companies to choose a telecoms minister of their choice, sparked a massive campaign against corruption in India and led to the fall of the second government in India. the UPA.

The apparent huge success of India Against Corruption, the rise of the AAP and the possible publicity blitzkrieg that led to Narendra Modi’s rise as Emperor of India have their origins in the work of the Conscious Keeper. . The 2G spectrum, the Commonwealth Games, the coal auctions have made the blood of middle class Indians boil.

Indeed, one cannot claim that there was no corruption at all. But perhaps this apology shows that the list of sins cast on the government of the day was quite exaggerated.

Because, for example, in the case of the 2G “deemed loss”, the loss that occurred was for the Indian treasury and for the telecommunications industry as a whole, thanks to Rai’s creative arithmetic. A number of telecommunications companies have closed and many international companies have left India. In the end, the courts fined a few companies and acquitted the defendants.

Subsequent spectrum auctions brought almost no money to the treasury. We are now with a big telecom company, favored by the Modi government, a couple of wrestlers and laggards and no choice for the consumer.


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