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Venezuelans confident in credible regional and municipal elections


A representative cross section of Venezuelans said they were confident that the next regional and municipal elections scheduled for November 21 would be free, fair and credible.

Some citizens have expressed such confidence in separate interviews with Nigeria’s news agency during recent campaigns by the country’s political parties.

Speaking at the rally in Miranda State, Caracas, citizens said the country’s electoral process has always been credible and the process will continue to improve with new technologies.

Mr. Tulio Virguez, secretary for international relations of the National Forum of Public Sector Workers, said Venezuelans expect good governance and access to basic amenities from the winners.

“We have the most secure, efficient and transparent electoral system in the world. We use the fingerprint, we use the voting record.

“We have our signatures in the books, we can verify and we can check it off so there is no way to cheat.” In Venezuela we have more than 92% of people cured of COVID, active cases, Venezuela has less than 20,000. So we hope that they will continue to do so to maintain the health system and the distribution program of food and the national housing program, ”said Virguez.

Ms. Danelly Colmenares, member of the Miranda State Council, said that according to the campaigns, the process had been very peaceful and all citizens were optimistic that the process would remain peaceful until the end.

Colmenares said the government has put in place mechanisms to create a level playing field for both sides, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the opposition, the Round Table for Democratic Unity.

“We have elections on Sunday and we hope it will be a peaceful process, and we hope that these elections will help to continue building peace in our country.

“All the opposing factors are involved, including those who did not participate last December. We hope that the government will win most of the governor and mayor positions and that the opposition will win too, ”Colmenares said.

Political parties are expected to end their campaigns at midnight on November 18 as citizens prepare to vote for their choice of leaders.

In addition, 335 mayors as well as members of regional and municipal councils who are legislative members are expected to be elected by the people in the country’s 23 states.