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Two Victoria neighborhoods under consideration for heritage designation – Victoria News


The James Bay and Victoria West neighborhood blocks could be the first sectors of the city proposed by citizens for heritage designation.

A future public hearing chaired by Victoria Council will feature a discussion on how to make Robert Street in Victoria West a heritage conservation area, while the heritage values ​​of a cluster of houses on Lewis Street, a short dead end off Dallas Road in James Bay will be considered. for their importance.

The block on rue Robert includes 14 houses, four of which have already been designated as heritage sites and five that could be. The other five have been heavily modified or have been built outside of significant periods.

Staff said the street represents a juxtaposition of Victorian-style homes built by upper-class owners and those with more modest designs, built by working-class families during World War II.

“The heritage value of the street lies in the contrast between the two house styles which show the evolution of accessibility and affordability of housing in Vic West, and the evolution of the neighborhood from an exclusive area of ​​estates and mansions, to an industrial employment center with suburbs for working class families, ”said John O’Reilly, senior heritage planner at the city.

Houses of war are also of heritage significance, as they were encouraged by Canada’s first national housing legislation, he added.

“The houses on Robert Street epitomize what the federal government envisioned as the minimum standard of living for Canadian families during and after war,” said O’Reilly.

The guidelines give advice on modifying heritage homes with such things as necessary replacements, additions to buildings, and how to install solar panels and sustainable technology.

The planned portion on Lewis Street includes 14 century-old houses, four of which are already listed in the heritage register. The citizen nomination for the neighborhood highlighted the architectural variety of pre-WWI and WWII homes.

“The tight clustering of houses and the compact nature of this exceptionally intact historic streetscape provide a window into what a typical James Bay street might have looked like before WWII,” says the bid.

Staff will study the history of families, property and land use transition on the Lewis Street section to determine its heritage significance.

Mayor Lisa Helps noted during plenary on November 25 that as the city progresses in heritage designations, including Lekwungen stories in the process will help deepen the overall understanding of local history.

“It’s going to be really interesting as we continue on the path of reconciliation and deepen this relationship, deepen this understanding of the land, to reflect and reflect on our heritage agenda through that lens,” she said.

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The Robert Street demarcated area in Victoria West will be heading for a public hearing to see if it has any support to become a heritage conservation area. (Photo courtesy of the City of Victoria)