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Top 10 Ohio Prisons by Prison Population


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Of the 43,200 inmates in state prisons, the Allen-Oakwood Correctional Facility in Lima has the most: 3,513.

That’s according to the most recent census of state prisons, which was released on Tuesday.

There are 28 state prisons in Ohio, all of which fall under the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. The department oversees the operations of all but three – in Youngstown, Marion County and Conneaut – which are run by private prison companies.

Allen-Oakwood Correctional Institution, which opened in 1988, is a minimum and medium security prison for men. It has a residential drug treatment unit. As of Tuesday, a total of 123 of his inmates were receiving treatment in the unit.

Below are the other nine largest state prisons by prison population.

2. Richland Correctional Institute in Mansfield: 2,436

3. Chillicothe Correctional Institution in Ross County: 2,366

4. Mansfield Correctional Institution: Total: 2,322

5. Noble Correctional Facility in Noble County: 2,318

6. North Central Correctional Complex, a private jail in Marion County: 2,290

7. Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville: 2,239

8. Marion Correctional Institution in Marion County: 2,190

9. Lorain Correctional Institution in Grafton: 1,944

10. Madison Correctional Institution in Madison County: 1,832

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