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The population of endangered species, the green peacock, has shown a steady increase in research by the Kunming Institute of Zoology


The green peacock is a species of peacock native to China. It was classified as threatened in 1988, vulnerable in 1994 and classified as endangered in 2009 on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

In order to protect and save the wild green peacock, the Yunnan the government classified it as a “small species” in Yunnan Province in 2009, it dedicated special funds and adopted a series of measures to strengthen the protection of the green peacock and its habitat. Meanwhile, the construction of an artificial breeding base with the help of the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Breeding Center and the carrying out of artificial breeding research with the cooperation of relevant scientific research units have achieved preliminary success. Once the number of artificially bred green peacocks reaches a certain level, field domestication and other work will begin, and plans to release the green peacocks into the potential distribution area will also be made.

Thanks to effective protection measures, the green peacock population is stable and increasing. The data show that the Yunnan the green peacock numbered around 485 to 547 individuals in 2018, and 555 to 600 individuals from 2019 to 2021. Of which the wild green peacock was most concentrated in the middle and upper valley areas of the Yuanjiang River, where the population is also the most important. According to the results of infrared cameras and video surveillance in several nature reserves, there is a trend in recent years that some of the areas that the Yunnan green peacocks move and develop.

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