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The organization is working to provide Lansing veterans with new housing


LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Central Michigan volunteers are helping five Lansing veterans get new homes.

According to Veterans Central data, there are approximately 700 homeless veterans in Michigan, but there is a plan to come together to reduce that number.

Veteran Anthony Wilson said getting a home not only impacted his life, but also the lives of other veterans.

“I mean, owning something of my own again is going to feel good,” Wilson said. “That way I represent other veterans and let them know they can do the same. That’s the whole idea, like peer support.

The National Veterans Network Organization is behind this plan. The organization will build and place five veterans in homes in the spring of 2023 and while that number may seem small, the impact is significant.

Jacqueline Humphrey, director of human resources for the National Network Organization for Veterans (NNOV), said veterans should be honored in many ways.

“They don’t have nearly the advantages; they’re not really recognized in a way that we celebrate veterans,” Humphrey. “We get that one day a year.”

The organization said the homes are affordable and equipped with appliances.

Currently there are 35 people on the waiting list and if vets need help, Tanja Simmons, CEO of NNOV, said there are other programs available.

As for Wilson, he meets with a mortgage expert to finalize his purchase. The construction process will begin at the end of October.

And of course volunteers are needed to build the houses whether they can paint or build NNOV said all their help is appreciated. For more information, visit the official website of the National Veterans Network Organization here.

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