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The Census Bureau will establish potential failures in the 2020 count


“They have been fighting for these programs for a long time. GED, citizenship classes, ESL — they’re kind of our slice of the pie,” she said.

Research published last year by the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan research organization, estimated that the 2020 count missed more than 1.5 million people, mostly people of color, and counted twice by many white residents.

This research comes from a comparison of 2020 census results with other datasets, like the American Community Survey and the Census Bureau’s own estimate of population in 2020. But the Bureau’s report released Thursday comes from of its post-census survey. The agency sends out questionnaires to millions of people asking them for demographic information, as well as whether they responded to the 2020 census.

Over the past decade, the survey showed the agency missed more than a million members of minority communities in the 2010 census, including nearly 5% Native Americans living on reservations. The agency missed even larger parts of minority populations in previous counts.

Community advocates across the country have raised concerns about a potential 2020 census undercount in Detroit and elsewhere. Additionally, a coalition of Texas Democrats has expressed similar concerns to the Census Bureau about a potential undercount of communities in the Rio Grande Valley and other locations along the southern US border.