Home Census The annual labor census begins on October 31

The annual labor census begins on October 31


The annual census of employers, employees, wages, earnings and hours of work for 2022 will begin Oct. 31 via an online form, the Labor Department said.

The department calls on all private sector business entities, private institutions, cooperatives, associations, clubs and statutory bodies operating in Brunei Darussalam, whether they have foreign worker licenses or employ only local workers to provide or supplement worker information (local and foreign) .

This includes information on employers, owners and managers, who are still working with the entities until October 30 inclusive of this year.

The department said the census will be conducted through the Business Reporting System, with online forms at www.business.mofe.gov.bn/SitePages/OBR.aspx.

Households and private services are exempted from completing the census. The census must be completed using the username of the employer, owner or manager obtained through e-Darussalam.

Guidelines on how to fill in census information can also be downloaded from the website or www.labour.gov.bn.

All completed census information will only be accepted through the online form, starting October 31. The deadline for receiving census information is November 30.

Employers, owners and managers are also advised and requested to complete the census information for their respective entities themselves to avoid misuse of confidential census information by a third party completing the form on their behalf.

Under the terms of the law, any employer who voluntarily refuses or neglects to provide the information or information required within the time allowed, provides or causes to be provided false information or gives a false answer to any question necessary to obtain information or required information, commits an offense and is liable to a fine of BND 2,500 and imprisonment for six months.

If continuous, an additional fine of 50 BND per day will be charged.