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Start of construction of 25,000 National Housing Movement units in Alborz province


TEHRAN – The construction operation of 25,000 houses of the National Housing Movement has started in Alborz province, announced the director general of the province’s Department of Transport and Urban Development.

Reza Khaleqi said, “The National Housing Movement is a collective government effort to provide housing for all groups in society, and we, in turn, have a major role in this important goal.

As previously reported, the construction operation of 209,212 National Housing Movement residential units began in early February.

The launching ceremony of the mentioned operation and the launching of some development projects in the housing sector was attended by the Minister of Transport and Urban Development, Rostam Qasemi.

Following the government’s public call for registration of people in need of affordable housing under a new scheme called the National Housing Movement, to date 2.387 million people have registered for the scheme.

After the National Housing Action Plan, the National Housing Movement is the second major government program aimed at providing affordable housing to low-income classes.

As noted, the construction of 750,000 such homes is underway across the country as part of the National Housing Movement.

Since the start of the National Housing Action Plan in 2018, so far more than 1,461,528 people have registered for the program and considering the applicants for the new program, a total of 3,812,655 people have registered government housing plans.