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South Africa: Northwestern Human Settlement Expands Housing Consumer Education to Moses Kotane Municipality Military Veterans


The North West Department of Human Settlements, in collaboration with officials from the Municipality of Moses Kotane and the South African National Association of Military Veterans (SANMVA), extended housing consumer education to veterans soldiers from the Municipality of Moses Kotane.

The purpose of the exercise was to educate military veterans on the specifications of their homes and how to care for them in the future. According to Lesley Moremedi, an official with the department, not all beneficiaries of Breaking New Grounds (BNG) homes are required to sign a happy letter before inspecting their homes upon completion.

The human settlements department plans to build around 61 military veterans homes across the province for this exercise. In the local municipality of Moses Kotane, only six military veterans will receive their homes during this exercise. The housing project is jointly administered between the Directorate of Veterans Affairs (DMV) and the National Directorate of Human Settlements (DHS) under a memorandum of understanding. The DMV provided the departments with a list of beneficiaries eligible for housing allowance.

A housing development official in the department, Ezekiel Thathane, said there was a qualifying criterion for beneficiaries that was provided by military veterans. It states that military veterans deserve housing if they are listed on the DMV database and fall under the law that was formulated to provide housing for military veterans. In addition, the veteran must be unemployed or in receipt of a pension, or if he is working, his income must be less than R125,000 per year.

Mr. Ramoabi Monageng is one of six eligible military veterans. Monageng, was a soldier in the former Bophuthatswana regime for eight years (1986-1994) and then joined the South African National Defense Force for three years (1994-1997). He is currently unemployed and married with six children. “We have been waiting for the houses for a long time and finally I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Covid 19 has also been a stumbling block because without the pandemic I think we could occupy the houses right now,” Monageng said.

The Department is committed to prioritizing this housing project as mandated by the National Directorate of Human Settlements.

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