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Silvagni explains AFL draft point system, how dogs will land Sam Darcy


Stephen Silvagni explained the intricacies of the points system in the AFL Draft and how the Western Bulldogs will be able to secure Sam Darcy in the 2021 Draft.

Silvagni worked as a roster manager at both GWS and Carlton and drafted many players under the current, though confusing at times, draft rules.

Darcy, son of Bulldogs legend Luke, is one of the most talented in his draft class, with the big forward rushing to pick a calculation with a total of six goals for the Under-19 Trial game of Vic Metro in June.

As a father-son prospect, the Bulldogs have the opportunity to match any offer for the 18-year-old.

Silvagni explained exactly what the Dogs will be like to land their precious conscript.

“They may have a points deficit, but they will try to find the choices,” said Silvagni SEN breakfast.

“Each choice has a value, if it goes to the second choice, that choice is worth 2,500 points, plus a 20% discount for the father-son or the NGA (Next Generation Academies).

“So they have to make up those points in this project.

“They have to find 2,000 points, so all their picks in the draft have to add up to 2,000 points, and they all leave (if they match the offer).”

However, he says that’s not the end, using Fremantle as a past example.

“If they don’t have enough points with these picks in this year’s draft, the points will come from their first pick in next year’s draft, that’s called a deficit,” said Silvagni. .

“It happened to Fremantle. Fremantle, last year or the year before, there had been an offer on one of their NGA players, and they were in deficit in the first round, so their top pick actually fell a few places the year last.

The Bulldogs’ top pick currently sits 17th in the 2021 AFL Draft, meaning they will likely face offers from rival clubs on Darcy.

The former Carlton roster manager said the clubs will bid if they think it can benefit them later.

“In the end, when bidding, (you have to ask yourself)” Is this going to help me or is it going to help other choices to come for you, do I really appreciate this player and do we have a chance of having him? ‘”, said Silvagni.

“If you like the player, of course (bid), within reason.

“I’ve always said if you like this player and that will help you get that player or it will help you get something further, then bid.”

A club whose bid matches a player will then collect the draft picks and points that the rival club used to match the original bid.

Collingwood’s father-son prospect Nick Daicos and South Australian Jason Horne-Francis are the other two who appear to have the potential to be the top pick in the 2021 draft.


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