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Sewer faults hamper Hwange housing project



DEFECTS in the sewer system have hampered the servicing of more than 2,000 residential stands at Empumalanga West in Hwange with the local authority, urging the government to tighten the screws on monitoring such projects to avoid defects.

“Residents started to complain about faults in the sewer lines. We therefore urge the Ministry (National Housing and Social Planning) to strengthen its monitoring and supervision of the project so that entrepreneurs do not skimp, ”said municipal secretary Ndumiso Mdlalose.

He said that despite the enthusiasm for the project, the local council was not satisfied with the quality of contract execution for the water and wastewater crosslinking systems.

“This goes a long way in ensuring the achievement of National Development Strategy No.1 as we march towards the realization of the country’s vision of being an upper middle society by 2030,” he said. .

Everything indicates that maintenance of the 2,145 stands should be completed by the end of the year.

RM Construction has been contracted to install water and sewer crosslinking systems while Asphalt Products maintains the road network.

RM Construction surveyor Owen Maniki recognized the anomaly in the sewer line, adding that it was being rectified.

He said the company is committed to completing the installation of the sewage and water crosslinking systems by November.

“We have almost completed the first phase with only about 20% remaining and we will move to the second phase soon. The whole project has three phases and we aim to complete it by November, ”he said.

Asphalt Products has pledged to complete road maintenance by December.

The Empumalanga West Housing Project was started by the City Council in 2014 with the aim of providing low cost housing to residents.

The beneficiaries of the booths paid US $ 50 each per month as a contribution to the payment of the contractors.

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