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RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat cites imbalance, calls for ‘comprehensive policy of population control’


Speaking at the Dussehra rally in Nagpur On Wednesday, RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat stressed the need for a “comprehensive policy of population control” that applies to all “equally”, adding that it was in the national interest to keep an eye on the “demographic imbalance”.

“There should be a comprehensive population control policy, which should apply to everyone equally, and once it is implemented no one should get concessions,” Bhagwat said.

On why such a policy is needed, Bhagwat said, “A few years ago the fertility rate was 2.1. We did better than expected and got down to 2. But going any lower could be detrimental. Children learn the social behavior of the family and for this you need numbers in the family. You need people your own age, you need older people for you, and also younger ones. When the population stops increasing, societies disappear and languages ​​disappear.

The RSS leader also spoke about the need for balance in the population, saying it is in the national interest to keep an eye on the population imbalance, which is creating a divide in the country.

“When there was an imbalance (in the population) 50 years ago, we suffered serious consequences. It didn’t just happen to us. Currently, new countries such as East Timor, South Sudan and Kosovo have been created. Thus, when there is a demographic imbalance, new nations are created. Countries are divided.

He added that apart from the birth rate, “conversion by force and attraction is the most important factor” resulting from this demographic imbalance. “The infiltration from the other side of the border is also responsible. It is therefore in the national interest to keep an eye on this imbalance,” Bhagwat said.

He also said that a country’s population, if “used properly”, is “not a burden, but rather a means”. “People keep saying that we have too many people and that if we don’t control its growth, nothing can be achieved. That’s not the whole truth… We have a demographic dividend. China is aging We will stay young for the next 30 years.

“China has moved from population control to encouraging two children per couple. You also have to think about the population. How many people will our country be able to feed after 50 years? What should be the share of the working population at this time? What kind of education and health care can we provide people at that time? A comprehensive policy is needed,” Bhagwat said.

He added that the policy must be carried out with determination to ensure that society accepts it. “If society doesn’t accept it, then the policy won’t work. If society is made aware of its benefits, it will accept it without a hitch. But why this has to be done for the country… why such a sacrifice has to be made, that society too has to accept.