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Rakuten Mobile’s 4G population coverage rate reaches 96%


Rakuten Mobile recently announced that the population coverage rate for its 4G network has reached 96%.

Compared to the end-March 2026 (fiscal 2025) target of “96% 4G population coverage” described in the special 4G (1.7 GHz) base station deployment plan approved in April 2018 by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), the mobile network operator achieved this goal about four years ahead of schedule.

The efficiency of base station deployment has been greatly improved by the network architecture of Rakuten Mobile’s first fully virtualized cloud-native mobile network. This allowed the operator to deploy simple and compact base stations and leverage technologies such as AI to find sites for base stations and drones to perform site inspections and completion of base stations.

Starting from scratch, Rakuten Mobile has expanded its network from the 23 wards of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya at the time of launch to nationwide coverage and continues to improve its service quality. In addition to establishing strong partnerships with construction companies working on base station construction, the entire Rakuten Group worked together to secure base station sites, contributing to the rapid expansion of the network area.

In the Rakuten network area, customers can enjoy unlimited high-speed data. Going forward, Rakuten Mobile said it will continue to expand network coverage and increase base station density to further improve its service quality.