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‘People don’t want to share an office,’ says construction boss Alison Mirams


Achieving the federal government’s goal of building 30,000 social and affordable housing units over the next five years is a tall order and would require partnering with the pension industry, partnering with states and developers, said Nathan Dal Bon , head of the National Housing and Finance Investment Corporation.

“I think the key is to try to attract retirement funds into the development sector, which I think is possible with the right structuring,” the NHFIC chief executive said.

“Certainly, we are now seeing strong support from the superannuation industry. I think partnerships with states will be really essential.

“So I think to deliver these properties leverage is key, using domains and using a range of partnerships from both the financial industry and also builder developers to make sure you can deliver in this time limit.”

Ken Morrison, chief executive of the Property Council of Australia, says housing supply needs to be addressed as the population continues to rise.

“There are a bunch of programs that this government and the previous government have come up with to support people getting into the market, but that affordable social component that we want is housing supply,” he says. .

“One of the things that the mid-year forecast shows us is that we are entering a supply crisis and the supply of housing is expected to decline in real terms by about a third at the same time. where population growth is accelerating, so this is a real problem.

“A Housing Supply and Affordability Council needs to be put in place, which not only monitors these forecasts, but also adds key performance indicators for each of the states. These targets must be equipped with teeth. So we have a system that incentivizes a better procurement model and that could potentially be done.