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NMC proposes a second tree census a decade after the first | Nagpur News

Nagpur: The much-delayed second city tree census will be carried out by the Garden Department of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) after nearly a decade.
The first census was taken in 2011 when the city had 21.43 lakh trees. This temporal census will be carried out using GIS and GPS methods, indicates a proposal submitted by the department before the meeting of the permanent committee which will be held on February 2.
According to an estimate by the department, the tree population in the city has increased beyond 25 lakh. “At the first census in 2011, the NMC had counted 21,43,838 trees within the city limits,” the proposal states.
The city spans 222 km² and many new areas like Hudkeshwar and Narsala were later included. Thus, the realization of a new census of trees was proposed, in accordance with the proposal.
Trees under NMC area under tree law, complete information and number of heritage trees according to amendments to state tree law in August 2021, preparation of PBR (Biodiversity Registry of Inhabitants ), city biodiversity index, local biodiversity strategy and action plan in accordance with the Biodiversity Act, 2002, etc. were included in the proposal.
The census itself will take place over a period of one year, which will be followed by four years of maintenance and updating of information. This type of work is based on the tree counting process done by other municipalities in Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Thane, etc. The tree authority committee had given its approval to the tree census on December 15, 2018.
The total cost of the works is to be paid in phases over a period of five years with a total outlay of Rs6 crore. Of this amount, 60% will be paid in the first two years, and the rest in three years – 13.33% per annum. If the number of trees is more than 25 lakh, additional funds will be made available, the proposal says.
It is proposed that the expenses be borne by the amount received under the 1% tree tax which is included in the property tax. It is expected that the NMC can generate Rs 3 crore every year from the destruction of trees. So far, the NMC has recovered the tree tax of Rs14 crore and the amount will be used for works related to trees and their conservation.
* Conduct a geo-activated tree census using GIS and GPS technology
* Development of an urban forestry plan, a popular biodiversity register, a city biodiversity index and a local biodiversity strategy and action plan
* Development of the application, operation, maintenance and updating of the tree census for up to four years within the limits of the NMC
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