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New figures show huge turnout in first online census in Crawley


This year marked the first time that the Office for National Statistics (ONS) offered people the option of completing the important questionnaire using the Internet rather than on a paper form.

And the digital version has proven to be extremely popular – the figures show that 95% of people approached digitally used the online form and the paper version was not even sent to households in Crawley.

The ONS said, “We have set ourselves a goal of achieving at least 75% of responses to the 2021 census online.

This year is the first time that the census is available online. Photo: ONS

“Our results far exceeded this target, with 88.9% of households in England and Wales who responded to the census choosing to do so online.

“The initial contact method (whether sending a paper questionnaire or a letter with an access code) strongly influenced whether people responded online or on paper, with 46.4% of households in paper-first areas responding online, compared to 94.2% of households in online-first areas.

“Therefore, it is important that any interpretation by online responses takes into account the paper strategy. Since households that receive paper questionnaires are more likely to respond on paper regardless of their digital skills, a lower share of online responses in paper-first domains does not necessarily indicate a lower digital propensity. .

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