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New Election Delimitation Process Begins at DSRSD | New


Dublin San Ramon Service District (DSRSD) kicked off the process of defining new constituency boundaries with the first of three town halls last Tuesday evening.

Ahead of its next district elections in a year, the DSRSD must develop new boundaries for its five electoral zones – also known as “divisions” – “to reflect the new data from the 2020 census,” according to a district statement.

Two years ago, the DSRSD began to move from a general electoral system to a regional electoral system under California’s voting rights law. While the five board members were previously elected by all voters living across the district’s service area, including Dublin and San Ramon, voters living in each division now elect a single representative to the board. .

Spokeswoman Lea Blevins told the weekly that “a demographer’s briefing on population changes” was given at the board meeting on October 5, and several new documents have been added to the census district web page, where the public can submit suggestions for division maps.

Several proposed maps with options to reconfigure the boundaries of the five voting divisions will be presented at the board meeting on October 19, followed by another public hearing and a possible final vote next month, although the board of directors can schedule other meetings if necessary.

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