Home System list Navi Mumbai Civic Body Call Center Begins Calling Citizens Who Need to Receive Second Dose of Immunization | Bombay News

Navi Mumbai Civic Body Call Center Begins Calling Citizens Who Need to Receive Second Dose of Immunization | Bombay News


In order to ensure that all beneficiaries who took the first dose of vaccination took their second dose, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) assigned its call center to call waiting beneficiaries.

NMMC has a pending list of approximately 85,897 beneficiaries that call center employees started calling as of Wednesday. Up to Thursday 5,000 people had been called and it was found that about 62% of those called had taken their second dose under a different mobile phone number and as a result the system showed that their second dose was pending, NMMC officials said.

Although more than 100% of targeted beneficiaries received their first dose of vaccination in Navi Mumbai, around 46% of people who took their first dose have not yet taken their second dose.

The 85,897 beneficiaries pending are due for the second dose from 85 to 147 days, of which three are due for the second dose beyond 147 days. Those who have taken Covishield should take their second dose between 84 and 112 days after the first.

“If there are people who missed their second dose beyond 112 days, even then the second dose can be given. Initially it was not possible to do this because the system would not accept the entry of the second dose if the days expired. But now it can be done, ”the officer added.

People who have taken Covaxin should take the second dose after 28 days.

“From the data collected in ‘My Family My Responsibility’, appeals are also made to beneficiaries aged 60 and over to verify if all are vaccinated as home visits have a limitation. The data collected for the waiting list is done via the CoWIN portal. The call center is also advising recipients of the waiting list to get their second dose as soon as possible as there are no longer long lines now. We are trying to get everyone to be below the geographic limits of NMMC to get both doses, ”said NMMC Commissioner Abhijit Bangar.

The state had given the NMMC the vaccination target of 11.07 lakh while the NMMC has so far vaccinated 11.21 lakh with the first dose and 6.06 lakh with the second dose.

Almost 4L missed 2nd dose in Mumbai

In Mumbai, nearly four lakh people missed the second dose, according to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Earlier this week, civic health officials created a database of people who missed the second dose due date and forwarded it to the city’s 24 war rooms.

“The war rooms have been designated to call all those who missed the date of the second shot,” said Dr Sheela Jagtap, BMC’s immunization manager.

“In the first phase of the vaccination campaign, many people from other parts of the Mumbai metropolitan area like Thane, Navi Mumbai, Vasai-Virar, among others, came to Mumbai to be vaccinated. It could be that these people took the second hit in their areas and the data has not been updated. We asked the war rooms to update the data simultaneously, ”she said.

City officials said some people may have developed side effects which may have dissuaded them from taking the second dose when there may be a portion of people who may have missed due to travel schedules, etc.

“Our war room staff will also advise them if needed and ask them to take the second dose without wasting any more time,” Jagtap said.

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