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National Council of Civil Society Calls for Full Participation in Remaining Census Activities in Chaotic Recruitment Exercise – FrontPageAfrica


MONROVIA – The National Civil Society Council of Liberia (NCSCL) has called for the inclusion of civil society in the remaining phases of the planning and conduct of Liberia’s first digital census.

The NCSCL made the request through its National President Loretta Pope-Kai in an open letter to Acting Director General of the Liberia Institute of Geographic Information Services (LISGIS) Wilmot Smith amid an exercise in turbulent recruitment of enumerators which led to the postponement. of the census from October 24, 2022 to November 22, 2022.

Below is the full letter.

The National Civil Society Council of Liberia is writing to demand inclusive participation and an urgent resolution of the issues that led to the reported violent disruption of Liberia’s first digital census by embittered/frustrated would-be enumerators who made various claims, including their unjustified exclusion from the list of qualified candidates in certain counties. To this end, we strongly call for an inclusive governance and management structure and implementation processes that involve the full participation of the coordination structures of civil society organizations, including the National Civil Society Council of Liberia, in the remaining phases of the census operations.

The Council believes that if the current situation mentioned above is not urgently addressed and appropriate holistic measures are not put in place to prevent its recurrence, this will condition the climate of more violent tensions; disgruntled disqualified applicants can derail or hijack the process, and if slivers of the situation move on to other phases, disgruntled enumerators will perform poorly. The ultimate consequences will be limited data sufficiency, data quality and data integrity of census facts collected. If this were the case, evidence-based, quality and reliable development planning by government and NGO actors would not be guaranteed. We therefore strongly call for the application of multi-stakeholder, collaborative problem-solving and partnership-based approaches that include the full participation of civil society organizations in the resolution of the current situation and in the remaining stages of implementation. census work.

We would like to indicate that since the beginning of the mapping process, we had observed, with much dissatisfaction, that the planning and implementation processes had not been inclusive, leaving behind the lion’s share of development partners, especially CSOs. The Board also observed operational issues, including insufficient public outreach/awareness, particularly at the local level; seemingly limited time allocated for the counting exercise and smooth recruitment process; and financial and other liability matters. Mr Director General, there is no gain in saying that the role of CSOs is a link between the State and the people; society’s watchdog; and a major player in national development. Therefore, your full inclusion of CSO coordination structures such as the National Civil Society Council, the umbrella organization of all CSOs in Liberia, will be an important corrective action moving forward.

Do not hesitate to contact us at the address mentioned above if you have any comments.

Loretta A Pope – Kai

National President