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More than 70% of the population receives the first stroke of COVID-19


SEOUL, Sept. 17 (Yonhap) – South Korea on Friday reached its goal of vaccinating more than 70 percent of the country’s population earlier than expected amid an acceleration of the vaccination campaign.

A total of 36 million people received their first injections of COVID-19 vaccines on Friday, representing 70.1% of the country’s 52 million people, while those who are fully vaccinated reached 21.89 million, according to Korea Disease Control and Prevention. Agency (KDCA).

The country launched its national vaccination campaign at the end of February.

The 70 percent first-shot vaccination rate was reached ahead of Chuseok’s vacation, which is scheduled between Monday and Wednesday, as previously pledged by authorities, KDCA said.

Authorities expect vaccinations to accelerate in the future, so that 80% of all South Koreans will be inoculated at least once and achieve an inoculation rate of 90% for people aged 18. years or older.

The Seoul government also plans to have 70 percent of the population fully immunized by the end of October. He expects the goal to be reached sooner than expected.

To do this, the government said it aims to provide other benefits to those vaccinated, such as increasing the number of people for private gatherings.

Authorities previously extended current social distancing measures – level 4 in the greater Seoul area, which is the highest in the four-tier system, and level 3 in other areas – for an additional four weeks until October 3.

While limiting the size of private gatherings and restaurant opening hours, they relaxed some restrictions to leave room for those vaccinated.

Currently, 18-49 year olds receive their first vaccines, following vaccinations on priority groups, in particular the elderly population and health workers.

Despite the campaign, authorities note the importance of full vaccination in order to once again tackle the rapid spread of the more transmissible delta variant nationwide.

“The first vaccination is effective in preventing the transmission of infection to a certain extent and preventing the patient from becoming a severe case to a certain extent. However, the full vaccination is more effective for the delta variant,” said Sohn Young. -rae, senior. health official, said at an earlier press conference.

The country reported 2,008 cases of COVID-19 on Friday, again surpassing the 2,000 threshold, the KDCA said. The total number of cases was 281,938.

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