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Minister ‘plotting’ Kagonye’s arrest – NewsDay Zimbabwe


THE COMPLAINANTS in a case where former Civil Service Minister Petronella Kagonye was accused of converting US$18,000 intended for residential housing for her personal use, withdrew the case saying they were forced to lying about him by his rival, National Housing Minister Daniel Garwe.

Rogers Pote and Ngonidzashe Zvanezuro appeared before Harare Magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti-Guwuriro yesterday where they confessed to lying.

Kagonye was accused of converting US$18,000 belonging to the Vaduku Housing Co-operative Society for her own use.

The couple alleged that Garwe and his wife Sharon Mugabe forced them to report lies in an effort to discredit Kagonye in the Zanu PF primary elections.

“Garwe’s (Mugabe) wife had been a candidate against Kagonye in Goromonzi West constituency three consecutive times and Garwe was pushing his wife’s agenda. Garwe and Mugabe held several meetings to plan and plot against Kagonye and the evidence is in my phone,” Pote told the court.

Zvanezuro added: “I was arrested in October 2020 at Goromionzi Police Station for assault allegations. I slept in the cells for two days. Rodgers Pote, the president of the Vaduku Housing Cooperative, came and secured my release. After I was released, Pote took me to a meeting at the Jamaica Inn in Melfort. Those present at the meeting included Sharon Mugabe, Pote, Peter Mubare, Farai Ngondo, Ben Chivandire, Terence Tayengwa and Arthur Chidenhe.

He said the meeting discussed Kagonye, ​​plotting his arrest.

“During the meeting, Pote ordered me to file a criminal complaint against Kagonye on behalf of Vaduku Housing Cooperative at Ruwa Police Station.”

He said the RRB number of the report made was 1525227.

According to some allegations, the Vaduku Housing Co-operative Society gave Kagonye $18,500 for the allocation of booths, which it did not provide.

“No payment was ever made to Kagonye and no fraud was committed by her and the report I made to Ruwa police station was false and unjustified,” Zvanezuro said.

The allegations were that between February 2014 and June 2015 and at the Solomio farm in Goromonzi, Kagonye and Glorious Real Estate defrauded the Vaduku housing cooperative represented by Zvanezuro Ngonidzashe.

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