Home System list Millions more eligible to book fall Covid boosters now as cases rise – are you on the list?

Millions more eligible to book fall Covid boosters now as cases rise – are you on the list?


EVERYONE over 50 will be able to book their flu and Covid boosters online for the first time – with hundreds of sites offering the vaccines together.

The NHS booking system opens on Friday to everyone eligible for fall top-ups.


Around 26 million Britons are eligible for a Covid booster and 33 million can get a free flu shotCredit: PA

So far, clinics have only invited people over 65 and high-risk groups for vaccines.

Health chiefs are urging Britons aged 50-64 to get it both ways to avoid a winter ‘twin outbreak’ of Covid and flu.

Seven million people have already had an Omicron booster, but the move will open up bookings to a further 12 million, while 33 million are eligible for a free flu shot.

Amanda Pritchard, head of NHS England, said: “The rollout has gotten off to a flying start – we have invited and swooped in twice as many people as we did last autumn.

“It could be an extremely difficult winter for the NHS, so getting your protection against Covid and flu is vital.

“Please show up and book when you can.”

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Patients visiting 200 vaccination sites will be offered both shots at once – one in each arm.

The rollout is widening as coronavirus cases rise, with 1.3 million infections across the UK at the end of September.

The number of hospital patients in England has doubled this month and an average of 1,129 people were admitted with Covid each day in the past week.

Some hospitals are bringing back mask-wearing to reduce cases.

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New coronavirus vaccines boost protection against Omicron and flu shots are based on strains found in Australia earlier in the year.

NHS vaccine rollout manager Steve Russell said: ‘Vaccinations are our strongest weapon against these viruses and NHS staff are once again doing all they can to protect the public.’

People can also book their vaccinations through their local doctor’s surgery or by calling 119.

Who is eligible for a vaccine?

  • All adults aged 50 and over (flu + Covid)
  • Clinically vulnerable people aged 5 to 49 (flu + Covid)
  • Front line health and care workers (flu + Covid)
  • Home contacts of people with a weakened immune system (flu + Covid)
  • Residents in nursing homes (flu + Covid)
  • Preschool and elementary school children (flu only)
  • Pregnant women (flu only)