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Maryland Wins National Award for Cecilton Senior Village Project


Maryland Wins National Award for Cecilton Senior Village Project

New Carrollton, Maryland. (October 5, 2021) – Last week at the 50th annual conference of the National Council of State Housing Agencies, the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development was recognized and won the Award of Excellence. The ministry’s entry “Partnerships for Responsive Revitalization” featured a six-year project known as “Cecilton Senior Village”.

According to the council, “The NCSHA’s annual awards for program excellence identify and elevate industry best practices and encourage continued innovation from housing finance agencies.” Maryland’s Cecilton Project was one of 33 national housing finance agencies that submitted entries to the highly competitive rewards program.

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development has combined funding from different and diverse programs to support two complementary redevelopment projects that provide multi-generation housing and community services in the town of Cecilton in Cecil County, Maryland. The projects and the process behind them exemplify the ministry’s commitment to meeting local needs through strong partnerships and flexible funding, as shown in a video promoting community development.

Both projects aim to meet the city’s significant need for affordable housing, child care and early childhood education. In addition to providing housing and services, they will also support the passionate sense of community and local pride in the tight-knit town by bringing together older and younger generations of Cecilton using the shared garden space and programs. awareness programs developed at the early learning center.

For these projects, the department administered the resources of five different state and federal programs that spanned several divisions within the agency. State rental housing and Federal HOME funds were awarded by our multi-family housing team. The Neighborhood Revitalization Division administered federal community development grants and funding for the state’s strategic demolition program. Efforts at Cecilton were also supported by small business support resources through the ministry’s Neighborhood BusinessWorks program. The pooling of these various resources required intensive attention to meet the closing deadline while meeting the various requirements, regulations and policies of the program.

The project demonstrates the department’s willingness to transcend traditional program lines and use federal, state and local tools to support projects that revitalize communities in Maryland and trigger further redevelopment.


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