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List of news | City of Clearwater, Florida


CLEARWATER, Fla .– Clearwater Gas System will observe Public Natural Gas Week October 3-9, 2021. In this nationwide celebration, natural gas utilities will honor natural gas utilities, one of the most valuable community assets. Compliance includes educating the local community on the importance of gas utilities.

Clearwater Gas System is one of approximately 1,000 natural gas utilities in the United States. Most are small but have a huge impact on the communities they serve by providing impeccable service and offering affordable, energy efficient natural gas.

Clearwater Gas System’s 30,000 customer base recognizes the need for access to a reliable and efficient energy alternative. The advantages of gas service are numerous:

  • Clearwater Gas is directly accountable to the local community and aims to meet the gas energy needs of the region.
  • Clearwater Gas is a locally controlled operation that ensures gas prices remain competitive and affordable.
  • Clearwater Gas plays a valuable role in ensuring that local dollars stay in our community by shopping locally, which helps businesses and improves the local economy.

In addition to the national celebration, Clearwater Gas System is also celebrating the 10e anniversary of Tampa Bay area’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station. Currently, more than 70 City of Clearwater solid waste trucks feed the CNG station at a rate of $ 1.52 per gallon of gasoline equivalent. More than 115 vehicles, including light, medium, and heavy city vehicles power the station, along with Verizon and Waste Pro.

“We are very proud to offer this reliable source of energy to the Town of Clearwater, its residents and surrounding communities,” said Chuck Warrington, General Manager of Clearwater Gas System. “This provides fuel at a lower cost for our customers.

Clearwater Gas System is always here to serve the local community, and residents are encouraged to learn more about the many services provided by CGS. Visit clearwatergas.com to learn more.

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