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Labor unveils policies at campaign launch | Mandurah Courier



Labor leader Anthony Albanese unveiled new health, housing and equality policies at the party’s campaign launch in Perth.

* The Purchase Assistance Scheme will provide a capital contribution of up to 40% of the purchase price of a new home and up to 30% for existing housing for 10,000 Australians.

* The program saves up to $380,000 for new homes and $285,000 for existing homes, with price caps between $550,000 and $950,000 depending on state and region.

* Australians will be able to buy an additional stake in the house, owned by the federal government, in 5% increments or repay the government upon sale.

* Homebuyers will avoid mortgage insurance from lenders, but will still require a two percent deposit and qualify for a standard loan.

* Australians with taxable income of up to $90,000 for individuals and up to $120,000 for couples can access the scheme.

* The program will cost approximately $329 million over four years.

* Labor will also establish a National Housing Supply and Affordability Council.

* Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme drugs will be reduced by $12.50, bringing the maximum price of listed drugs to $30.

* Labor will build more electric vehicle charging stations across Australia with a $39.3 million investment, matched by the NRMA.

* Up to $80 million to deliver up to 16 hydrogen stations on Australia’s busiest freight routes.

* Many electric vehicles will be exempt from import duty and employee benefit tax.

* The work will double the Driving the Nation fund to $500 million, allowing the Commonwealth to co-invest in additional electric vehicle chargers, as well as hydrogen and biofuel refueling infrastructure.

* Labor will use $1 billion from its $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund to develop value-added products from Australian resources.

* Minerals like lithium and nickel used in batteries will be processed in Australia.

* One in 10 jobs on federally funded construction sites will be filled by apprentices or interns.

* Gender pay equity will become an objective of the Fair Work Act.

* The powers of the Fair Work Commission to order wage increases for workers in low-paying, female-dominated industries will be increased.

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