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Kiosk Market Census Report 2022


2021 was the year much of the global economy got back on track after the pandemic setback of 2020. For the self-service kiosk industry, 2021 was much more than that. It was a year in which consumer acceptance of self-service hit an all-time high, triggering double-digit growth that shows no signs of slowing down.

Signs of growth were evident in 2020 as technology vendors responded to the coronavirus pandemic with solutions to socially distance, control temperatures and provide contactless interaction with kiosks.

The momentum continued in 2021 as many closed businesses and organizations reopened and researched technologies to protect visitors, customers and employees. The recovery has allowed the self-service kiosk industry to resume the double-digit growth curve of the three consecutive years before 2020.

Why we created this report

Kiosk Marketplace organized the census in response to requests from readers looking for reliable data on the size and growth of the self-service kiosk industry. The Kiosk Marketplace Census is unique in offering statistical information provided by both users and self-service kiosk providers. While other kiosk market research relies primarily on vendor-provided information, the majority of the information in the kiosk market census is user-provided.


Page 3 | Abstract

page 15 | Survey results

  • page 15 | Retailers, locations and consumer brands with kiosks
  • Page 23 | Kiosk Hardware Manufacturers
  • 28 | Kiosk Software Manufacturers
  • Page 31 | Value Added Reseller Kiosk
  • 35 | Kiosk Component Manufacturers

39 | Industry Outlook

  • 39 | The pandemic is accelerating the adoption of self-service kiosk solutions
    By Jeff LeBlank, Director of Solutions Engineering, Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.
  • Page 42 |The post-pandemic restaurant model and the impending era of kiosks
    By Hope Neiman, Director of Marketing, Tillster
  • page 44 | Kiosks in the Metaverse: Preview of What’s Ahead
    By Alexandra Lauber, Chief Financial and Marketing Officer, Bixly, Inc. and Andrew Savala, Chief Operating Officer, Bixly, Inc.
  • 47 | User authentication and access solutions for electric vehicle charging stations
    By Sean Houchin, Product Manager, Elatec, Inc.
  • page 50 | COVID creates new urgency for public/private urban tech partnerships
    By Lou Celi, Founder and CEO, ThoughtLab
  • 53 | 2022: demand for kiosk accessibility reaches new heights
    By Laura Boniello Miller, Business Development Manager, Vispero
  • 55 | Supply chain issues: Patience will pay off
    By Nicholas O’Connor, Director of Sales, Nidec Sankyo America Corp
  • 57 | What the decline of 3G means for your business
    By Kevin Dalton, Chief Experience Officer, OptConnect
  • 59 | Edge computing, 5G and blockchain: a new era of hyperconnectivity
    By Akshay Sharma, CTO, Motivitee and 5G Edge Computing Tech and Advisor, Grubbrr
  • 61 | Inventory control should not compromise convenience for industrial distributors
    By Mark Hill, Founder, 1sourcevend
  • 65 | Kiosk market ‘melting pot’: a very interesting place
    By Ben Wheeler, the newsstand guy