Home Census JDU in Bihar will likely challenge BJP to major caste census challenge in coming days – The New Indian Express

JDU in Bihar will likely challenge BJP to major caste census challenge in coming days – The New Indian Express


Express news service

NEW DELHI: Will Bihar’s JD-U decision pose a great political challenge to the BJP on the issue of caste counts of CBOs in the national caste census in the coming days?

This is being speculated these days in the political corridors of the NDA inside and outside Bihar after the Prime Minister’s recent announcement on the withdrawal of agricultural laws. According to the sources, the JDU has decided in silence and definitively not to side with the BJP on the issue of the census of castes without changing its determined position.

After a recent statement by RJD chief Lalu Prasad that the country needs a national agitation for the caste census, as does the protest by the farmers, it is learned that JD-U has finally decided to aggressively continue to prosecute. now the request for inclusion. of CBOs in the caste census with a plan to make it a major national problem, if not taken into account by the government at the center.

Sources said the JDU is politically optimistic that other opposition parties will give their full support on the issue.

Recently, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, interviewed by the media, announced that leaders of all political parties, including the RJD, would soon sit together in an all-party meeting to decide how to proceed with the caste-based party demand. census in Bihar. He admitted that the option of conducting a state-specific census exercise was open to the state.

“We will start from a collective decision of all parties on this issue,” he said, making his position on the issue almost clear.

Meanwhile, some reliable sources have said that the JDU has decided in principle to side with the opposition on this point, posing a major political challenge for the BJP in national politics.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi might have sidelined the opposition-led protest against farm laws by announcing the repeal of the laws, but that would remain to be seen as how he tackles the next emerging political challenge. caste census, ”said a senior JD-U leader, preferring anonymity here.

Previously, Nitish Kumar had led a multi-party delegation from Bihar which met with Prime Minister Modi demanding the inclusion of CBOs for caste counts in the national caste census.

“If the BJP-led government does not change its stance on this national issue based on protests against agricultural laws, the JDU and two other NDA allies in Bihar may deviate from the BJP’s stance on the question. And if that happens, it would certainly be a major shake-up for the BJP ahead of the polls in five states, including the UP, ”some NDA leaders from Patna said, further admitting that the opposition intends to make the caste census a major problem in the next national elections.

In September this year, the BJP-led center government told the Supreme Court in an affidavit that the census of backward-class castes was not possible due to many technical and administrative reasons.

Sources also said that just as all opposition parties maintained their unity against farm laws, so did all opposition parties, including JD-U and other NDA allies, to the except the BJP, tried to stay united in supporting