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Home and construction fair ends in style


Islamabad: Pakistan International Real Estate and Construction Fair ended on a positive note, with organizers pledging to provide the public with the best available properties at reasonable rates so that they can get the best returns on investment. Jang Group was the media partner of the real estate exhibition.

The exhibition was organized solely to address the main investment issues in the development sector. The Housing and Construction Fair offers investors the concept of investing in low-cost, high-end properties. Property / Industry Expo presents all kinds of services under one roof, from A to Z on real estate investment. It offers a selection of real estate projects, which are exposed and presented in all details, using multimedia, the current state of construction, the payment plan, development plans, the development of projects presenting salient features and special post-investment services such as project management and architectural design to investors. Some projects offer furnished apartments with services. Most investors are looking for a low budget minimum investment with the highest and fastest return.

Fahad Barlas, Managing Director of Pak World Trade and Expo Center, said that through this exhibition, attendees can create brand awareness and exposure in the rapidly growing Pakistani international real estate market. It served as an innovative meeting platform and enabled national real estate developers to interact face to face with individual and corporate investors, real estate agents, real estate marketing companies and professionals accessing demand and choice. buyers. It is also a platform for accessing market preferences and understanding buyer’s needs. In February 2022, the Property and Industry Show would be held in Peshawar as we have a lot of buying potential in Peshawar. People are investing all over Pakistan in major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad and Hill stations like Murree Nathiagali and Bhurban.

The developers were of the opinion that real estate is the mother and the basis of the economic development of a country and if the economic sector of the country is booming, then the economic development of the country is also accelerating by leaps and bounds. More than thirty industries are contiguous to the construction industry and these industries are based solely on the construction sector. As long as builders and developers demonstrate professionalism and excellence, consumers nationally and internationally would easily invest in their projects with monthly installments.

Sadia Khan, a teacher keen to invest in a housing project, said we need to see previous projects and the profile of the company we are investing in. She also hoped that there would be no unnecessary delay in the project and that it would be delivered in a timely manner. “I’m here to put together the required information and maybe take advantage of the token and discount facility that they offer in the exhibit,” she said.