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High school student in custody following threats at school


A 12-year-old college student at Superior is facing a felony charge of making terroristic threats after showing a classmate a list of other children he hoped to harm. The threat is the latest in a series of incidents in Wisconsin following the shooting that killed two teachers and 19 students in Uvalde, Texas a week ago.

The upper middle school student is in custody after school staff were tipped this morning through the state Express yourself, express yourself reporting system, according to the Higher Police Department.

School staff immediately isolated the student, and senior police dispatched officers to the college.

“The senior police department also dispatched two detectives to immediately begin an investigation into the threats. The investigation determined that the student showed another student a list of other students’ SMS names and told this student that he intended to harm these listed students,” police said in a news release. “The student who made this threat admitted that he did so in order to scare the student he was showing the list to.”

The senior college student also faces a disorderly conduct charge, which is a misdemeanor. The 12-year-old is waiting to be referred to Douglas County Health and Social Services.

Teenagers and children have often been arrested for making threats following mass shootings across the country. Even statements made in jest often lead to felony charges of terrorism threat amid heightened fears of school shootings.

Slinger schools were closed on Friday after a student said he had a gun in a middle school hallway. Law enforcement searched the school about 30 miles northwest of Milwaukee and found no weapons.

The Upper School District just adopted the Speak Up, Speak Out reporting system earlier this year, which was first launched by the Wisconsin Department of Justice in 2020. The system provides a one-stop shop for reporting in full confidentiality threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. a week. Tips reported through the platform are sent back to schools and possibly law enforcement, depending on the details of what is shared.

In its first year, the DOJ reported more than 200 schools received at least one tip through the platform, and the reporting system received nearly 1,600 contacts.