Home System list Here is a list of Xiaomi devices that will receive MIUI 13 in August – Mi MIX 4 to start the system

Here is a list of Xiaomi devices that will receive MIUI 13 in August – Mi MIX 4 to start the system


Xiaomi is currently focusing its efforts on the MIUI 13 project internally. According to speculation to date, the company will officially announce this system in August of this year. Moreover, the first device to launch this system could be the next Xiaomi Mi MIX 4. At the moment there are already a few unofficial lists of smartphones that will receive this update. Of course, we already know that all of the company’s latest flagships will receive the update.

According to reports, here are the Xiaomi and Redmi devices that will receive the update

  • Xiaomi mi 11
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 series
  • Xiaomi-Mi 9 Series
  • Redmi K40 Series
  • Redmi K30 Series
  • Redmi Note 10 series
  • Redmi Note 9 series
  • Redmi Note8 Series

In addition, it may be of interest to some users that the pretty old Xiaomi Mi 6 still benefits from the MIUI 13 update. The Xiaomi Mi 6 is now a “golden boy” for Xiaomi. According to Lei Jun, after four years, the Xiaomi Mi 6 still has over 2 million users. It’s pretty impressive from Xiaomi’s point of view.

MIUI 13 will improve over MIUI 12

Speculation so far shows that the MIUI 13 will focus on the “distributed menu”. It will come with more content options including photo and video, health, smart home, battery and power, car, office and productivity, travel, multi-device interconnect. , privacy protection, cloud services, basic tool services, etc. The system will support collaboration and cross-display operation with computers, tablets and televisions.

The new MIUI 13 system will achieve the unification of status bar and system police. This system update will also unify the style of the scroll bar. At the same time, it will also optimize the display of blank pages and loading pages. To achieve unification of status bar and system fonts, the update will also optimize icon loading. While optimizing blank pages and shedding, it will redesign the sliding style of the progress bar.

Xiaomi promises that dynamic effects and display effects are smoother and more vivid than MIUI 12. Well, we expect every upgrade to definitely have a better experience than the previous generation. In addition, MIUI 13 will also add a lot of streamlined design. After all, MIUI now appears to be too bloated. MIUI 13 will also provide working plugins that retain streamlined functions by default. Users can choose their own functional modules to install.

What do you think of the upcoming MIUI 13 system? Will this improve the overall performance of MIUI? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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