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Groundwater Department Launches “Well Census”


The state groundwater department has launched a “well census” to list all groundwater structures, including wells, in the state.

The investigation is carried out with the support of the Kudumbashree Mission. Water Resources Minister Roshy Augustine released Neededa manual prepared for Kudumbashree data collection workers, delivering a copy to Kudumbashree Mission Director Asha Varghese.

The census of wells, which will cover groundwater structures including wells, ponds (excluding naturally formed ponds) and tube wells, has been included in the National Hydrology Project (PNH) supported by the World Bank, the water resources department said.

The survey will be conducted in 243 panchayats during the first phase. The government has earmarked ₹6 crore for the financial year. Kudumbashree workers will collect the data using a mobile app called “Neerarivu”. They will be trained by agents of the groundwater service.

Mr. Augustine also inaugurated the transition from a manual to an automatic system for collecting water level data from observation wells. Of the 756 wells, 150 wells were placed under automatic monitoring. The data will be updated every six hours, four times a day, on the department’s “Drishti” portal.