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Forbes Solicitors Housing Team Builds For Continuous Growth


After recruiting six new members since March 2020 to bring its total workforce to 48 professionals, the team is now in the process of adding 15 more hires following a series of 11 new clients nationwide.

The total number of cases within the Housing and Regeneration team is up 22% from August 2020, with new instructions backed by reputation for successfully tackling Covid-19 challenges to adopt new ones working methods and changing compliance requirements.

Catherine Kennedy, partner and head of the real estate team at Forbes Solicitors, explains: “Remote working and social distancing during Covid-19 created new challenges for housing associations. This has made governance and compliance more complex, and this in the context of new government policies focused on improving quality standards and resident satisfaction.

“This climate of change has increased the emphasis on good quality data in managing uncertainty and has seen increased demand from existing and new clients for broader law enforcement services. information. “

Beyond the growing demand for data processing and protection expertise, the growth of the Housing and Regeneration team is driven by continued investments in affordable housing. The team has supported a mix of public and private sector construction projects nationwide, advising on large-scale supply contracts and creating delivery frameworks that are helping address a national housing shortage.

The Forbes Housing and Regeneration team is also increasingly working with housing associations to respond to the government’s desire to increase home ownership levels. This includes managing governance and compliance under the new condominium model, which was introduced as part of the Affordable Housing Program 2021.

The team is also renowned for its innovative approach to helping local authorities and housing associations tackle complex criminal activities such as drug trafficking in the counties. It has created regional networks bringing together key actors from the private and public sectors such as police forces, community groups and third sector organizations to proactively share information and increasingly take preventive action against crime. . Forbes takes it a step further in November, with an industry-wide webinar featuring UK and Irish organizations focused on tackling serious organized crime.

Catherine Kennedy concludes: “The housing sector has responded strongly to the challenges of the Coronavirus and continues to move forward. There is a concerted effort to expand the housing stock, while improving the quality of housing, the level of services to residents and the communities in which people live.

“This leads to increased demand for broader legal expertise such as employment, governance, procurement and data protection. There is little sign of this growth trend slowing, and we are hiring ahead of the curve. By adding new hires over the next few months, we can continue to combine dedicated housing knowledge and experience with the broader specializations of our business to deliver flawless service. It really resonates with housing associations facing a multitude of different legal challenges. ”


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