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Eating habits of the healthiest people in the world


Have you already planned to visit Icaria, Costa Rica, Japan, California, Greece or maybe Italy? The inhabitants of these destinations are the healthiest and oldest populations in the world. An American explorer, Dan Buettner, called these areas “the blue zones”. People living in these areas are said to live long and are said to be the happiest people in the world.

You might be wondering what they do to be ranked among the oldest people in the world. Here is a brief description of their healthy eating habits:

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The population of this region mainly depends on a vegetable-based diet which includes plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Protein requirements are covered by soy products.

animal products

Other regions, with the exception of Nicoya and Costa Rica, rarely consume meat and fish. Some of these regions prefer to consume goat’s milk and goat’s cheese. While most of the inhabitants of the blue zone call themselves purely vegetarians.

Local food

They prefer to grow most food in their own gardens or sometimes they like to buy healthy produce only from local markets.


Most of the diet of the healthiest people in the world consists of carbohydrates; that they get from rice, legumes, sweet potatoes. These make up the bulk of their diet, while reducing fat as much as possible, avoiding eat too much. Since we observe that the inhabitants of the blue zone only eat when they are really hungry and as soon as they are a little full they stop eating.


Tea, coffee or red wine!! They don’t miss any of these drinks. Whereas, sticking to low amounts, they enjoy every sip.

Say no to diets

The term food is rarely used by the inhabitants of these regions. These people don’t care to cut back on their diet routine to reduce their calories. Since they are so cool and easy going, they justify the reasons for being known as the healthiest, longest lasting and happiest around.