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Duluth population shows slight increase in 2020 census


According to data from the 2020 census, the population is now 86,697. This is an increase of 432 compared to 2010.

“We are growing,” said Mayor Emily Larson. “For decades we’ve been talking about a stagnant population. And it felt like we’re more vibrant and growing. And it turns out we are.”

However, Larson admitted that the growth is difficult to attribute.

“I actually think what’s likely is that we counted more people,” she said. “I don’t know if the growth is real growth or just that number, more people felt comfortable being counted.”

Duluth’s population has not changed significantly in about four decades.

  • 2020: 86,697
  • 2010: 86,265
  • 2000: 86,918
  • 1990: 85,493

1970 was the last time the population exceeded 100,000.

The city diversified in 2020. The census shows that Duluth is 84% ​​white in 2020, up from 89% in 2010. City council chairwoman Renee Van Nett said it was good news.

“If native people and African Americans feel like they can be counted and safe, they can come out more where you might see it in a different way,” Van Nett said.

City leaders say they want diversity and population growth to become a trend, although Larson acknowledged that the city still faces challenges such as affordable housing and workforce development. of work.

“That kind of pressure and pull on how you grow is really important. We have to think about it,” she said. “We are completely ready for this.”


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