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Do not take the census and you could go to jail or be fined $ 5,000


The 2021 census, which officially began in the Cayman Islands on October 10, has been underway for 6 weeks with enumerators visiting households to complete the household survey, having completed 80% of the total population of the three islands at this time. day. But authorities are urging residents to cooperate with the process – which is required by law – or pay the consequences.

“We seek the continued cooperation of the public in the conduct of the census so that we fulfill the mandates of the Statistics Act,” said Mr. Adolphus Laidlow, Director of ESO and Head of the Census Team.

The census team of the Bureau of Economics and Statistics continues to enumerate the Cayman Islands population and households in the three islands and took an interviewer between 15 and 30 minutes.

Members of the public are reminded that participation in the census exercise is compulsory under the law and regulations on statistics and, therefore, should be aware that failure to comply with the requirements of the law exposes them to possible prosecutions. For example, not cooperating with investigators or their requests in their data collection is a punishable offense.

If proven to contravene the mandatory requirement to answer census questions under the Statistics Act, a person will be deemed to have committed a criminal offense and, on summary conviction, is liable a fine of up to $ 5,000.

“Thus, we urge all those who have not yet participated to provide the necessary information so that the islands can obtain the most accurate data possible,” advised the director.

To reiterate, the personal information provided is confidential under the law, making it a punishable offense with equally severe penalties for authorities who reveal an individual’s information.

“In short, people can be assured that the information they provide will be treated with the utmost confidence. Only generic and aggregated information will be published in the census report when it is released next year, ”explained Director Laidlow.

He noted that it is the responsibility of all residents to contact one of the census offices or call the census hotline 516-3329 or the ESO office 244-4602 to ensure they are counted as all non-compliant households will be referred to the legal department for law enforcement in due course.

The director clarified: “These census data provide important statistics on the Cayman Islands which will be used in all walks of life over the next 10 years, but especially for the development of these islands by the public and private sectors. In addition, census data will inform policy in a variety of areas, including services for people with disabilities and the elderly, education and program development, domestic migration, poverty eradication, zoning. of land use for residential and commercial development.

It will also provide information on infrastructure planning and development, women’s health and fertility, agriculture, fisheries and food security, security and crime prevention, life expectancy and quality indicators. life, environmental use and protection, economic development and job creation, development of traffic models for road infrastructure and risk management and disaster mitigation.

The director urged:

All the inhabitants of these islands benefit from this data. So make sure you participate and that you are counted.