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Covid-19 Information for the Sonoma County Mixtec Population


KBBF continues to diversify its offer with original programming in indigenous languages. In October, the station hosted Radio Autóctona Indigenista (RAIS) for the program “Mixtecos y el Covid-19: Vacunas, variants, y prevención. The interview – broadcast in T’un Savi (Mixteco) as well as in Spanish – was with Teresita Silva, director of health and well-being of the Movimiento Cultural de la Unión Indígena (MCUI). Silva is from Santo Tomás Ocotepec, Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca.

Dr. Jenny Fish, family physician, health educator and activist involved in issues at the intersection of health, wellness and equity, joined her for the discussion.

Some of the key points they discussed relate to access to vaccines and essential health information for indigenous people in Sonoma County. Some of these people speak neither Spanish nor English and encounter situations where no translator is present to answer their questions and advise them. Another problem is that within the Mixtec community there is great diversity, but this program aimed to address common themes.

Health professionals discussed the waves of Covid-19 infection and virus variants that have occurred locally. Dr Fish highlighted the main symptoms, but also mentioned that some people are asymptomatic and spread the virus unknowingly.

There was a reflection on who is most vulnerable to the virus and who could feel its effects more deeply. Women pointed out that unvaccinated populations are more likely to be infected and suffer from more severe symptoms.

Dr Fish summed up this point. “We now know that there are two pandemics. That of people vaccinated and that of those who are not. “

For more information on MCUI and its calendar of current events and resources, check out the organization’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/unionindigena/

To listen to a recording of this interview and other RAIS shows, check out the show’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RadioIndigenista/

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