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Comixology’s Latest Original Takes New York’s Supernatural Census



Census is the latest title to be released as part of Amazon’s Comixology Originals line of comics available for free reading to subscribers if they can use Amazon’s revamped app to do so. Writers Marc Bernadin and Adam Freeman, artist Sebastián Piriz, letterer Bernardo Brice and editor Sarah Litt, Census #1 is available to read today.

The synopsis:

Liam Malone is a poly-science major with a communications minor who is looking for his first real job. While riding the bus in New York, he sees a sign that says “Good pay, flexible hours, no experience necessary”, so he goes to an interview and gets a job at the Census Bureau. But he quickly learns that this is not an ordinary census bureau, it is the census bureau of the other world and that he must count and record all the demons, jinn, changelings and other supernatural beings living in New York.

In Census, Liam embarks on a terrifying yet humorous adventure as he goes door-to-door and learns that getting his life’s work sometimes means selling his soul. This work could well cost him his life.

How is it that we never find the job of our life in public transport? It sure would be better than getting thrown up on by a tramp.

Bernadin had the following to say about the series in the press release:

I was born in New York and I always feel like I’m in a place that has more doors than people. And behind each of these doors is someone’s story. Many of these stories are mundane and mean, I’m sure, but others can be wild, magical, and dangerous. As New Yorkers, Adam and I thought this was the perfect canvas to set a coming-of-age tale about a pathetically apathetic slacker who learns a bit about the real world and his place in it. this.

Freeman added:

We love flipping genres, so it was great to bring our sense of humor to the supernatural and mythological sandbox – all set in the diverse cultures and boroughs of our hometown of New York.

And Pirz says:

I had a great time bringing Mark and Adam’s super detailed New York to life and populating it with monsters and creatures from around the world. Many pages were like a gift from the writers encouraging me to have fun. I can’t wait for readers to see it.

To read Census, you’ll need a subscription to Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, or ComiXology Unlimited, or you’ll need to purchase the issues individually. You can find out more here. Check out a preview of Census #1 below.

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