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Census data sent to Wildlife Institute of India to determine tiger numbers

August 08, 2022 | 07:04 IST

Census data sent to Wildlife Institute of India to determine tiger numbers

During the 2022 Tiger Census held in April-May, around 100 camera traps captured the movements of the big cat at six different locations in Mhadei and Mollem; between January and May this year, tigers were spotted 25 times

Team Herald

PANJIM: In order to avoid any dilemma on the number of tigers, captured in the camera traps set during the 2022 Tiger Census, the State Forest Department sent data to the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) for authentication.

The camera traps recorded images of tigers at six different locations in Mhadei and Mollem protected areas. The census was carried out in April-May.

However, to ensure there are no issues or duplication in the estimate and to verify if the animal is in transit, the State Forest Department has taken the step to authenticating Datas.

Nearly 100 camera traps were placed in different parts including wildlife sanctuaries and the national park. “During this period, cameras recorded the presence of tigers at six locations in Mhadei and Mollem areas,” sources said.

“We cannot determine the numbers because we have to have it confirmed by WII whether the same tiger is caught twice or whether it is two or three different tigers. We sent the data to WII for authentication. WII will also help us know if they are transit animals or residents of Goa,” sources said.

“We don’t want any glitches or duplication in the tiger estimate. Once WII has clarified, we will be able to report the total number of tigers in the state,” the sources said.

Mhadei and Mollem adjoin Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary and Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve.

Camera traps are outdoor cameras equipped with motion sensors that start recording when an animal passes by.

According to the government filing in the state legislature, on 25 occasions tigers were spotted in Mhadei and Mollem from January to May. The presence of tigers in the state’s wild is confirmed by photos of big cats captured using camera traps and videos. “In addition to the census data, we sent all other captured photos of tigers, over the months, to WII,” the source said.

The tigers have been spotted in Surla, Caranzol, Collem, Mollem and Bhoma regions.

Also last year, camera traps recorded tiger movements in six locations across the Mhadei wildlife range.