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CCCSMD Announces Partnership with LifeCents


COLUMBIA, Maryland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Maryland and Delaware, Inc. (CCCSMD) partners with LifeCents to provide consumers with an interactive financial wellness solution.

As Americans face the highest rate of inflation seen in 40 years, LifeCents offers a practical solution for people to learn how to navigate a tough economic environment while achieving their financial goals. LifeCents guides clients through a self-paced assessment that creates a personalized plan. This tool provides CCCSMD data and insights to better meet the emerging financial needs of consumers.

“Financial independence begins with a better understanding of money-related core values ​​and spending habits,” says Helene Raynaud, CEO and President of CCCSMD. “Many of us can’t accomplish this alone, which is why CCCSMD is committed to providing free options for everyone. Clients can be connected with a live Certified Financial Advisor or can now select LifeCents which will guide you through a robust financial analysis tool, provide practical advice and help you design a bespoke manual.We are excited to add LifeCents to our suite of solutions and hope it will encourage more customers Act !”

“CCCSMD has always had an incredible impact on the people and communities it serves, and we share their commitment to helping people live happier and healthier financial lives. We couldn’t be more thrilled to know that CCCSMD is using LifeCents as a cornerstone of its efforts to help people achieve financial freedom,” said Blake Allison, Founder and CEO of LifeCents. “LifeCents will provide CCCSMD financial advisors with information to help them provide consumers with better, more personalized advice and connect clients to the best-fit services and programs to help them achieve financial independence.” »

About the CCCSM

CCCSMD is a non-profit organization guiding clients towards financial independence. CCCSMD is a HUD Approved National Housing Counseling Intermediary, Accredited by the Accreditation Council, a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, National Community Reinvestment Coalition, Credit Builders Alliance and National Housing Resource Center and holds a platinum seal of transparency from Candide. Visit www.cccsmd.org.

About LifeCents

LifeCents is an award-winning financial wellness company that helps people live happier, healthier financial lives. We start by improving people’s financial knowledge, habits and mindset. In turn, they become financially aware, savvy, and engaged, enabling businesses and communities to thrive. LifeCents is based in Washington, DC. Visit www.lifecents.com.