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Catskills population grows after years of loss


The Center for Economic Growth highlighted these census increases:

During the year, Saratoga Springs recorded the sixth-largest population gain for a New York City, Moreau the fourth-largest for a city, and Catskill the 15th for a town.

Other fast growers and big winners:

• The biggest winners
City: Saratoga Springs (+134)
Municipality: Moreau (+403)
Village: Catskill (+40)
• Fastest growing
City: Saratoga Springs (+0.5%)
City: Ballston (+2.6%)
Village: Round Lake (3.1%)

Below are the population highlights for cities, towns, and villages for the eight counties:
• All 32 cities and nine villages in Columbia and Greene counties experienced population growth.
• Four of Albany County’s 10 towns grew in population, led by Guilderland (+163) and Colony (+52).
• Each of Schenectady County’s five towns saw population gains, led by Niskayuna (+78).
• Only two of Saratoga County’s 19 cities experienced zero or negative population growth: Day (0) and Milton (-3).
• Albany recorded the largest population loss in the region (-516), followed by Troy (-290).
• East Greenbush had the region’s largest population loss for a city (-109) and Colony had the largest population loss for a village (-51).

• Queensbury was the only city in Warren County to gain population (+90), although the other 10 saw losses of five or less.
• Each of Washington County’s 17 cities saw population declines, ranging from 1 to 39.