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Budget 2022: Census, Upgrade of BSF Air Wing Core Focus Areas for MHA


Conducting the nationwide census exercise, accelerating police modernization, giving the Air Wing of the Border Security Force (BSF) more funds to modernize its fleet and assisting the secretariats of Jammu and -Kashmir and Ladakh to speed up development in the twin Union territories are issues that should feature prominently on the agenda of the Union Budget 2022 when it earmarks funds for the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Union.

The Union Budget allocates funds for Census, Surveys and Statistics and the Registrar General of India which includes provisions for the office of RGI and Census Commissioner as well as various RGI schemes including the NPR and census expenditures. The next Union budget should shed some light on how the government proposes to move forward with its plan this fiscal year.

In 2021, the Union budget had set aside Rs 3,768.28 crore for the census, but the Covid-19 pandemic had again delayed the move. Unspent funds are expected to form part of the Home Office’s revised allocation for this financial year.

The MHA is keen for the count to be done soon and for the National Population Register (NPR) to be updated alongside it to help social protection programs reach the poor. Although several states have objected to the association of the census enumeration exercise with the NPR, the government is of the view that updating the NPR is essential for various central government and state welfare schemes. states.

Meanwhile, as cross-border tensions continue on the eastern border, with China showing military aggression, focus should also be on budget allocations for the ITBP, which is expected to see an increase, as well as on the BSF guarding the western border. The BSF also has its own air wing which needs constant upgrading to meet the demands of central paramilitary forces involved in counter-insurgency operations across the country as well as electoral duties and assistance to states in law enforcement tasks.

The MHA also places particular emphasis on the training and capacity building of state police forces, which means that the Union budget should set aside substantial funds for its police modernization program. The Home Office has said that instead of using central forces to control public order issues, state police forces need better equipment, training and training. a better workforce. For UT police forces like the Delhi Police, the budget allocation increased last year at a time when protests by farmers and protests against the Citizenship Act leading to communal riots had kept police on their toes. toes and spelled out the need to use high-tech for actionable intelligence and rapid deployments.

At the central level, the establishment of a National Intelligence Grid has been a favorite project of the MHA for successive governments. This year, the project is expected to see an additional allocation as the MHA is keen to launch it to counter terrorism and the latest threats of IED blasts in urban centers. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the Union budget in the MHA is likely to be the cybercrime coordination and response centre, the national emergency response system as well as the prevention of cybercrime against women and children, as the pandemic has led to an exponential increase in crimes. in the country, including financial fraud and the misuse of social media by hostile elements to stir up trouble.

Finally, the financial flow to the twin UTs of JK and Ladakh is expected to continue as development activities continue to be monitored at the highest level of the ministry to bridge the resource gap.