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Broomfield CO Restaurant Email List Building-Customer Retargeting System Launch


The recently released video highlights a nine-step system that owners can use to leverage internet marketing to grow their restaurants. It is suitable for new and existing businesses and is part of an ongoing series of “Think Tank” videos.

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Brian Devine hosts the new video and discusses retargeting methods and marketing solutions to reconnect with customers. It focuses on email and SMS marketing and the crucial role it plays in maintaining and growing customer relationships.

Those without marketing experience may find it difficult to connect with customers and collect their contact information. However, there are several ways restaurants can build their listing using promotions and special offers.

One of the most effective list building methods featured in the new video is using QR codes as part of a marketing campaign. These can be designed so that every time a customer scans the code, they provide their contact details.

Brian Devine says there has to be a reason for customers to sign up, and it shouldn’t just be a newsletter. However, by thinking of enticing lead magnets, it is possible to create engagement and entice more customers to sign up.

Cafe Fuel is an experienced agency that takes pride in helping restaurants and hotels thrive even in competitive markets. The team works closely with clients to ensure they can consistently generate new clients.

Their strategic marketing services are grounded in building stronger reputations, increasing reach, and designing systems that can be repeated seamlessly.

Interested persons wishing to know more about the services provided by the Colorado agency can book a non-binding quote. This is an opportunity for marketing professionals to perform a business assessment and provide advice on next steps for growth.

The latest video is part of an ongoing series focusing on actionable marketing tips and strategies for customers in the food industry.

Brian says, “Build your list! This means that whenever someone walks into your restaurant, you have a way to capture their information, so you can bring them back.

Those who wish to know more can visit https://www.facebook.com/yourcafefuel

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