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Bronx murder rate highest in city, NYPD data shows


The Bronx has New York City’s highest homicide rate in 2021, with nearly the highest number of shootings of any borough, at a time when authorities struggle to cope with an alarming spike in violence, according to NYPD data analyzed by Newsday.

Although 2021 isn’t even half over, the Bronx, with a population of around 1.41 million, has a murder rate of 4.31 per 100,000, compared to a rate of 2.44 in city-wide, based on 2019 Census Bureau population estimates.

The lowest rate is found in Staten Island, where six homicides translate to a rate of 1.26 for its population of 476,000.

Meanwhile, through June 20, shootings in the Bronx totaled 222 or nearly 90 percent more than in 2020. Only Brooklyn, with an estimated population of 2.56 million, has more with it. 232 shootings, an increase of just over 32.5% from 2020, according to police data. .

“The violence of the crews is the source of the shooting in the city in terms of mobile,” Chief Michael LiPetri, head of NYPD crime control strategies, told Newsday on Tuesday. “You go to the Bronx, it’s even more concentrated than in other parts of the city.”

“We just saw some very stubborn areas in and around the southern Bronx that really got in because of crew violence,” LiPetri said. “Six of the best [10] City-wide shooting controls are in the Bronx. “

“One of the most alarming statistics that has happened in the Bronx this year: 82% of your murder victims were shot this year, 82%,” LiPetri pointed out. “Last year it was 44%. The city average is generally around 55%. Guns are so prevalent in the city right now, but especially in the Bronx, it’s so alarming. . ”

This sense of alarm was underscored last week with a frightening video posted by cops that showed a cheeky assailant shooting a man on a sidewalk on Sheridan Avenue as two children, aged 10 and five, rushed off and curled up. The children are unharmed but traumatized, police said. The shooting victim has been hospitalized and the cops are looking for someone of interest.

In the Bronx, defendants arrested with guns are not being held in jail, LiPetri said. He said the Bronx was well below the city average for bail bonds for firearm arrests, adding that the borough was also above the city average for gun suspects. to fire released on their own commitment.

“So there is no liability,” LiPetri said for carrying guns in the Bronx. Gang members see it and are emboldened, he added.

Patrice O’Shaughnessy, spokesperson for Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark, said the office is seeking bail in almost all gun cases. But often the defendants post the amount set by the court and a number are released without bail, she said.

NYPD tactics in dealing with shootings in the city include putting police on patrol as well as moving other officers from administrative offices and other constituencies to troubled areas. The strategy appears to reduce shootings in parts of Brooklyn like East New York, but not in the Bronx, where LiPetri said a backlog of gun cases opened in court was “of great concern.”


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