Home System list Boy adds butt grabbing incident to list of bad decisions: Mayfield Heights police blotter

Boy adds butt grabbing incident to list of bad decisions: Mayfield Heights police blotter



General assistance: Mayfield Road

A woman said on October 21 that a boy grabbed her buttocks as she walked through the parking lot of the Goodwill Store. The boy ran away laughing but the woman recognized him from his place of residence at the Coppertree apartments.

officers subsequently informed the boy’s parents of the incident, and the middle school resource officer spoke with the 13-year-old in the following manner. He said he made bad decisions. His parents added that he will see a psychologist.

Criminal damage: Golden Gate Boulevard

A man said on October 21 that a tire had been punctured on his vehicle outside of Costco. He said he exchanged words with the driver of a tractor-trailer before pulling up and entering the store. Surveillance video confirmed that the driver of the truck returned to the man’s vehicle and punctured the tire.

Upon investigation, identifying information was seen on the truck and the driver was found to have made a purchase at Best Buy with a debit card. A warrant for criminal damages has been filed for the arrest of the 26-year-old Florida man.

Suspicion: route du center SOM

A 53-year-old man was found sleeping in the lobby of the Coppertree apartments on October 21. Officers informed him of a warrant from the Cuyahoga County Estates Court and then took him to St. Vincent Charity Hospital without incident.

Fraud: Oakville Road

A 75-year-old resident reported on October 22 that she was scammed when she tried to renew an antivirus plan subscription on her computer. She said she entered a payment amount of $ 29.99 but was charged $ 2,999 after speaking on the phone with a man with a foreign accent. The suspect then told her that her account was frozen and asked her to go to several stores and buy gift cards.

Detectives are investigating.

Flight: SOM Center road

The Old Navy Loss Prevention reported on Oct. 22 that a week earlier, a man had committed theft while taking a prepaid order from the store that was not his own and then placing other items in the bag.

The identity of the Cleveland man, 50, was known as agents were present that day after the man robbed the Micro Center. He had the Old Navy merchandise in his possession, but Old Navy management chose not to pursue the matter at that time.

On October 29, the man was arrested by Beachwood Police and turned over to Mayfield Heights on charges of theft from the Old Navy.

Impaired Driving: Lander Road

A Cleveland woman, 24, was arrested for OVI after she was found sleeping while driving her vehicle and blocking traffic near Ridgebury Boulevard around 3:15 p.m. on October 23.

Officers did not believe she was under the influence of alcohol, but she failed field sobriety tests and said she was about to pick up children from daycare.

She has had a blood test in the hospital and the lab results are pending.

Flight: SOM Center road

A Micro Center official reported on October 24 that an unknown woman stole a security camera system from the store the day before. The theft of the $ 349 item was discovered during security footage review.

Suspicion: Mayfield Road

An officer was present at Cycle Gear on October 26 when two men entered and acted suspiciously. During a check of their vehicle’s license plate, it was learned that a man had active warrants with nationwide pickup.

Several officers approached the Cleveland man, 38, who resisted them and was forcibly taken into custody.

He was charged with resisting arrest and suspected narcotics were found in his wallet. Confirmation of a warrant was made by the Adult Parole Authority in Columbus.

Car theft: Marsol Road

A resident of Drake Apartments reported on October 27 that a laptop computer and suitcase were stolen from his vehicle overnight. He told them it was the same laptop, valued at $ 3,299, which he said was stolen about a week earlier. He said he had located it but forgot to tell the police.

Agents contacted Micro Center, where the man said he purchased the computer, but had no history of the man or the company he said purchased it on his behalf. It was also noted that the man provided different serial numbers with each theft report.

The next day the man said he was not sure the laptop was stolen and had bad memory.

Flight: Mayfield Road

A shoplifter fled Circle K around 12:15 a.m. on October 22 with an unknown amount of Red Bull drinks and left the area in a vehicle. It is believed to be the same suspect involved in a similar incident at a BP gas station in South Euclid.

The police are investigating.

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