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BJP pushes population control bill



Even as India’s National Total Fertility Index (TFR) falls below the replacement rate, BJP MP Rajya Sabha Kirori Lal Meena has pushed for a “population control” law on women. lines of China’s one-child policy, now abandoned.

The latest set of results from the NFHS 2019-21 survey released by the Union Health Ministry on Wednesday found that the average number of children born to a woman in her lifetime has fallen below the level replacement for the first time.

Parliamentary proceedings | December 3, 2021

However, Meena said a population control law would help control food inflation and bring equality for women. During Zero Hour in Rajya Sabha where MPs are allowed to raise issues of national importance, Mr. Meena presented the bill as a one-stop solution for “poverty, disease, malnutrition, pollution” .

“Due to the population explosion, the demand for milk, ghee, fruits and vegetables is increasing. And to meet this growing demand, adulteration takes place. It is hurting the overall health of our people and the number of cancer cases is also increasing, ”Meena said.

The population control law, Meena said, will also end the gender disparity. Women, he argued, will only get the same rights and respect as when a law to control popularity is passed. In the current scenario, the government Atma Nirbhar campaign is also doomed to failure with excessive population.